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Last updated 02/01/2023

CHABA & Cannabis 101 (for WA LMT’s)

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CHABA & Cannabis 101 (for WA LMT’s)


Hello and welcome to our CHABA & Cannabis 101 continued education online course. Please make sure to watch the materials closely, pay attention and we always suggest taking notes. This course will be broken up into FOUR instruction videos with FOUR corresponding quizzes.

You will not be able to skip the videos or take the exams without first watching the provided content. Attempting to do so may result in your exam scores not counting. The questions and orders are randomized automatically, so please do not share the answers with a friend also taking the course, as they are not necessarily the same.

All content for this course will be in video format. Once you complete and pass all of the exams, you will receive your official certificate of completion. Your certificate will also come with a verification serial, so that your certificate can be authenticated and validated by appropriate entities, including yourself.

If you have any questions or concerns with this course, please contact me here.

You will have access to this course for approximately SIX months. Although you will be able to complete this course in smaller segments and come back to it as needed, it is highly recommended to sit down and complete the course sooner than later. You will need to successfully complete this course in order to take any of the CHABA 201 or higher course sets.



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